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I Never Meant

...that political campaigns are not an important way to educate. Nor did I mean that the DP is not an excellent means to awareness.

My only point was that there are many prongs and all are important. On another post I shared a personal story about one small group of homeschoolers who were becoming educated through a form of education that encourages digging deep and free speech. There are many others. I was recently told on another post that there was no interest in another "educational campaign." However, it is not a political campaign that is going to by itself turn this around. One is intrested in the candidate and then goes to hear him speak. Dr. Paul proved how important that can be and awakened many of us.

Hopefully there will be many more liberty candidates that do the same.
There have been many motivational speakers who have developed huge followings. I was simply suggesting that since Dr. Paul has indicated that he will continue speaking when invited or where there is interest that he is "free" to speak on behalf of all liberty candidates rather than one party and that perhaps others would join him and there might be a groundswell.

I do not always express myself very well and apparently didn't on this thread. Sorry...I'll go back to reading .