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yeah, judge not...

How do we determine wrong and right again? Ever hear of discernment, or the words "judge righteous judgement"? Is Matthew 23 part of the Gospel?

Was Christ's name-calling against the religious leaders, and Judas a demonstration of "Christ,-likeness"? Does God instruct the homosexual to TURN from that sin, in repentance and faith; as well as tell His true followers to "from such turn away"?

The tolerance we have for habitual open sin and blatent hatred for God in this culture, while daring to think we will prosper through levening the bread of our churches and politics with it is about a mental disease, being given over to strong delusion, and inviting utter destruction ... Seriously....judge not?

Haven't we already judged those who have rendered our nation a cess pool of murder and debt by political corruption and all manner of deceit as EVIL? By what scale do we measure evil? Our willingness to tolerate it, or the personal impact it has on only our selves and our prospect of personal gain?

Sorry folks; people weak in doctrine and the sinful depravity of man since Adam's disobedience and subsequent blaming of God for having given him the woman who did eat of the tree first, just perpetuate the moral slide we are on through denial of a STANDARD that exists when it comes to choosing between trusting a man to keep big government at bay, versus sending a man into office to game the system to his turn for convenience sake.

Now we want revenge, and the GOP is saying "come on in, we already know the 2016 results and what you will settle for".