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No, actually America must re-embrace her Maker and loudly proclaim God's SUPREMACY throughout the land. True Christianity actually HALTS the "oppression, slavery, and violence" of those who position THEMSELVES as gods. Dunno about "bigots," but Americans HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO DISCERN BETWEEN RIGHT AND WRONG. Our DECENTRALIZED government provides the PERFECT playground with which to "test" our various ideas of what a good society is - as long as we don't step on the Bill of Rights.

But secularism is a VERY JEALOUS GOD who JERKS ME TO MY KNEES in forced submission - in VIOLATION of our founding docs. Many people who reject any acknowledgement of God, typically falsely wrap their LICENSE in liberty - thus PURPOSELY blurring the two. "Liberty" respects OTHERS' liberty. "License" RESPECTS NOBODY BUT ITSELF. Big difference.

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.