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I Will ytc

....and they will appreciate your comment. We just gravitated to each other because their posts were reasons I loved this place. Love yours too and, there may well be a bit of a generational thing going on sometimes.

The four of us have not met personally; however through email we know each other very well. It began when Nonna and I discovered online that we shared the same birthday. All four of us are "here" but have some outside challenges as well. We don't even talk politics much offline, just enjoy the support and sharing. They were there for me at a time when I needed them and, hopefully, I am for them as well. Such are friendships and why they are cherished!

And, LOL, woopsies. Posts are not good "hiddie places" ...even if they "seem" ignored. This initially unnoticed one moved last night up to top recent topics just because Bear and I had a "lil" personal exchange. Oh well...Bear drew me out in the open. Such are the nature of Bears...or at least "that" one, God love her! Enjoyed your reply...thanks!