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Comment: On Top Of That

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On Top Of That

The GOP spit on us. They lied and cheated at every turn. Why in the world would they think we'd stand for that and then vote for the guy behind it all.

RP was NEVER considered by the MSM to be a "front-runner". It was always "his upside is x%". Meanwhile Herman Cain came out of nowhere and was called a front-runner at one point. So why couldn't Ron Paul have gained momentum? (I ask rhetorically of course).

RP ultimately won Iowa but, at the time, the media said it was Romney and Santorum. Remember that Santorum seemed like his campaign was just about done prior to his Iowa win? Then all of a sudden, he gained huge momentum. Imagine if Ron Paul were allowed to get that media coverage and momentum for a victory that was RIGHTLY HIS!

Then there was the whole 5 pluralities thing. When we reached it, it was changed to 8 pluralities. But then we heard from the crooked Reince Preibus that "Ron Paul didn't submit those in time". But if that were really the concern then why did they freaking change the rules?! (again, I ask rhetorically)

Rush Limbaugh is just another propaganda mouthpiece of the establishment who (whether he realizes it or not) is doing his part to help destroy this country.