Comment: Ron Paul himself Stopped.

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Ron Paul himself Stopped.

Ron Paul stopped back in April.

One can only imagine the possibilities if Ron Paul had aggressively fought Mitt Romney all throughout May/June/July/August, and embraced his delegate brigade into the Convention Hall and told them to stand-up and either place his name in Nomination .. or mutiny (if blocked).

Even if Romney had prevailed anyway, a public Revolution would've been visible and this would've set the stage for a large counterforce that the GOP couldn't ignore, the Media couldn't ignore, and major concessions would have to be made.

But Ron Paul turtled-up and went silent back in April.
There was no Campaign....

If the movement is to be rebuilt, how can we expect Ron Paul to lead it, when he just gave up so easily and prematurely way back in April 2012, and was happy to give Mitt Romney an unimpeded path to the Nomination?

A man who didn't even want any fuss made at the Convention, cannot possibly lead a GOP makeover.