Comment: 2016 - This is my opinion only.

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2016 - This is my opinion only.

I do like Rand. But Rand is not r3VOLution. Dems and Indy's may not support him, though he would have support of establishment and many in the r3VOLution. This is conjecture, and though there is some baggage, I am not sure how it would play out for a victory win.

Justin Amash. Young, energetic, no baggage, a true statesman who won re-election in a tough state. His voting record is impeccable. r3VOLution would back this guy strong and hard. I could see Ron Paul rallies behind this guy, and he would pull numbers from ALL parties.

It takes 4 years to prepare for election and it has started already. If you are in committee, grassroots, boots on the ground, had better decide quickly and get your balls rolling.

My area (PA and OH), Amash is being seriously talked about. Rand is too, but there is much hesitancy.

Please provide your insights, and opinions.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul