Comment: If done correctly, I think it's an excellent idea

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If done correctly, I think it's an excellent idea

By "correctly", I mean we have to be very logical in our arguments PLUS not argumentative at all.

Remember - the spin-masters have portrayed us to their listening audience as angry, irrational, tin-foil hat wearing people. As you already mentioned, they're blaming everything on us (and there's a good chance it's working because, after all, spin-masters are good at spin).

We need to be patient and logical in order to win people over. Remember, we're not trying to win Rush Limbaugh over. That can't be done because he's an propaganda mouthpiece for TPTB. Our target audience is the same as his target audience - his listeners.

Even if we don't win people to our side, I think it's important that the listeners hear our side of the story because, when the SHTF and the country has to make a decision what direction to take, hopefully these same people will realize that Ron Paul was right all along and that it's time to listen to ideas that they had previously dismissed.

I also think it's very important that we don't let ourselves think of Rush's listeners as being "stupid" or "idiots". Let's not forget that plenty of us have posted our stories about when we "woke up". We have to remember that our job is to help Rush's listeners open their eyes to what's going on.