Comment: My response to those articles.

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My response to those articles.

There are all sorts of stories today about "The GOP EVALUATING THEIR LOSSES" or some headline similar. Here is the response I've been dropping on those pages:
Like this one:

And this one:

The GOP should have thought of that before they ostracized the most energetic and loyal group from their little club. Ron Paul supporters could have possibly helped the GOP overcome this embarrassing loss and could have helped the GOP win back the White House. But the GOP told Ron Paul supporters they weren't welcome. John Boehner cheated at the GOP convention (youtube it) and prevented Ron Paul supporters from LEGALLY nominating Ron Paul from the floor. GOP leaders across the country cheated at their State conventions to prevent Ron Paul delegates from taking a majority. And GOP members everywhere used vitriol and sheer hate against their fellow members to try and destroy the Ron Paul philosophy and his supporters. Do we really need to go back and search for all the times Conservatives used bigotry to describe Ron Paul and his supporters? How about: fringe, kooky, isolationist, crazy, lunatic. All your favorite GOP pundits had sheer animosity towards Ron Paul. Hannity, O'Riley, Beck, Limbaugh, CNN, FOX, MSNBC all excluded Ron Paul and continually made jabs at the people which supported him.

GOP members are so, extremely apathetic, that they don't even know about politics. They only support candidates simply because they have an (R) in front of their name. Every GOP member I talked to had no idea about the NDAA and had no idea that Romney supported it. They had no idea about Romney's positions regarding Tarp, Bailouts, War, the wiretapping of Americans, Drones -- and were completely delusional to the fact that those positions were exactly the same as Obama. These people failed to realize that it didn't matter who won the election, both candidates supported the exact same interests and there was little actual difference between the two on matters that should matter most to our Country.

The GOP got exactly what they deserved. They deserved to lose, because they put up a Democrat as a candidate. They deserve to lose due to the sheer hate that exists within the party. They deserved to lose due to the corruption that exists from all levels of the party. They deserve to lose because the policies they support amount to socialism. They deserve to lose, because they would have followed the same outline for our Country that has been followed by several of the last Presidents. They deserve to lose, because they put up Romney. They deserve to lose because they cheated.

They deserve to lose -- because they didn't nominate Ron Paul!