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"$100 Silver! Yes, But When ?" ... Hint :

(Just my opinion.)

I figured it really doesn't matter that much $100 when ? Or $300 ? Or $75 only ?

The irresistible forces of the supply-demand laws in REAL assets always impose themselves, eventually

... and, usually, sooner than one expects.

Some would object that, oddly enough, it's been lingering since the $50 spike because of the Hunt brothers in 1980, right ? (and that was my first naive reaction, too)

However... they often forget an important ambient fact, very heavy when one correlates it to the former :

that the money printing of the 1980s, and 1990s is almost nothing compared to the frantic one that has started, and been going ever since the late 1990s / early 2000s.

Reread and rethink on that last sentence, and then, consider this short but to-the-very-point post which is very relevant, and was an eye opener for me :

Especially considering this, too, coincidentally :

So, I'm stacking on.

Till I can, before too late, once the people's realization and flooding-in starts.


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