Comment: This is an excellent point.

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This is an excellent point.

It has been the agenda of the elites to dwindle the population for over 100 years now, with the most efficient way being for people of the masses to CHOOSE INDEPENDENTLY to eliminate THEIR OWN genetic lines.

Margaret Sanger, founder of planned parenthood, studied with NAZI eugenicists in the early 30s and wrote about it. She also wrote that she founded planned parenthood SPECIFICALLY so Jews and blacks would kill their own babies so she could rid society of "dysgenic" genetic stock.

They found it was actually more efficient to make this a civil rights issue.

People can be so gullible.

If you think about it in the REALLY, REALLY long run, the best way to defeat the elites is to reproduce your own genetic line as prolifically as possible. (Which interestingly is also what the bible and religion tells you to do too. Maybe they know something about evil and how to fight it?)