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My influence?

I kept my loyalty oath, and to do that I had to find a way I could do that. I'm sure the GOP wanted me to leave more than you wanted me to leave the GOP, but a loyalty oath was not going to stop me from the GOAL of materializing the message: RESTORE THE REPUBLIC.

It was not about Ron Paul but materializing the message and I could see the GOP was and is the best way to make that possible.

So,, to vote Romney, not for Romney, but FOR THE MESSAGE, I kept my loyalty oath AND I found a way to agree Romney, being the race is beteween Rombney and Obama, Romney is the best guy. And for me, seeing how I can write respilutions and work with others in the GOP, who remained, like me, despite the loyalty oath, despite Romney.. I voted Romney, and looked forward to continuing the rEVOLution.. even thought what great joy it would be to do peace floats under the GOP flag while Romney was in office.. he may be president but he does not decide what goes on in my county.

I never got a paycheck, but I have contributed money, time, gas and effort and it will pay off, because Ron Paul is still a Republican, like Rand, and all those folks who gave you Rpon Paul in the GOP.

I'm not into a blame game, that's for losers. My GOP is not all Ron Paul supporters, but we are gaining a majority, IN THE GOP, and we all voted Romney, and there's no regrets.