Comment: What are your thoughts on this then

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What are your thoughts on this then

I would love to hear folks thoughts about this from a libertarian point of view as well.

You are having a baby and find out it has a mental disability.

You know that YOU could never afford to fund the longterm costs that will come from trying to raise this mentally challenged child.

As a libertarian would you bring a baby into the world full well knowing that based on the doctors information your child will need lifelong hospital needs/help.

Now obviously this can be terminal illness, chronic disease and most anything else that will be a COST either to the parent ( if they can afford it ) or to the state ( if they can't fund it ).

Now you would never know that the baby in your womb was going to have challenges or have physical issues BUT once you know that and you couldn't fund it what is the libertarian thing to do.

Protect life and wing it?
Have an abortion based on not being financially capable?
Have the baby and hope someone adopts him/her?

Now some might rant about mentally challenged kids don't need constant medical attention or costs, sure lets say that but think if ANYTHING that a child could be born with that comes with a lifelong cost that include possible monthly doc visits, meds, shots, physical therapy etc.

Besides giving birth knowing someone was ready to financially support the child what other options would you have? You can't ask others to fund your childs medical bills just because you can't. - My site on getting my little family prepped for whatever might come our way. - My site on growing marijuana