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You are 100% correct

Remember that Ron Paul got frustrated with the GOP in 1988 and switched to the LP with pretty much zero results. He realized his error and switched back to the GOP. Like it or not, most voters think that there are only two "real" political parties, the Republicans and the Democrats. You are making the same error I used to make in thinking that others process information the same was as I. After Romney got so badly defeated and with so many Republican candidates losing the last election, many of the Santorum, Gingrich, Palin and Romney folks will have their tails between their legs and not participate in the selection of the leadership of the GOP for the next two years, so now is our opportunity to jump in and grab the reins and steer the GOP towards smaller less intrusive constitution-based fiscally responsible government without getting all tangled up in our underwear by superstition and religious dogma.