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The Salt is Good!

To "Jehovah is salvation" saves, I say Praise God! That Most High God who is Salvation is Qualified, Able, and Doeth Save! The salt is good!

Jehovah is Salvation has saved me!

Jehovah is Salvation is My Savior!

Jehovah is Salvation Saves! Amen and Amen!

English translation: Jesus Saves!


There was a day when names had meaning and people knew the meanings of their names. My name means "shining light" If someone says X please turn on the light; or X turned on the light; or X lit up the room when she walked in, it is not redundant at all. It is rather an action accomplished by or attributed to me and the fact that the meaning of my name is conducive to my action is but affirmation of the correctness of my name.

It is my name backed up by action.

IMO, I am not an expert and have not delved into this subject and normally the way I talk about what I don’t know is state what I think I know, so if I am way off base, please correct me. Because I am one who wants to know better if possible.