Comment: Don't listen to the establishment fools

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Don't listen to the establishment fools

They love their establishment and would say and do anything to protect it.

I have a few suggestions.

In my opinion if you want to establish a 3rd party, it would make more sense to try and get a 3rd party congressman elected first before making another 1 or 2 percent shot at the white house.

Find a respectable 3rd party libertarian in your district with a personality and start a campaign for him/her NOW. Or run yourself. Don't wait until 2014 or 2016, start getting that name out.

Start a libertarian meetup group for your county.

Start a website with a blog that documents your progress as a how-to for others to follow so they can avoid the pitfalls and use your success stories for encouragement.

Don't focus on bringing just republicans into your 3rd party, disenfranchised democrats are just as likely to join, I would know.

Most importantly don't wait for somebody else to do this.

If you were able to get a libertarian representative elected it would be an amazing feat. Don't set yourself up for disappointment with shooting for president.

I heard David Seaman on the Joe Rogan Experience. I think he is running as an independent, but he lays down the groundwork for what it could look like.