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Santorum, Gingrich, Palin and Romney Folks

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After Romney got so badly defeated and with so many Republican candidates losing the last election, many of the Santorum, Gingrich, Palin and Romney folks will have their tails between their legs and not participate in the selection of the leadership of the GOP for the next two years, so now is our opportunity to jump in and grab the reins and steer the GOP towards smaller less intrusive constitution-based fiscally responsible government without getting all tangled up in our underwear by superstition and religious dogma.

I couldn't disagree more. First off, I think both Santorum and Gingrich came out of this whole thing in a more positive light. Gingrich wasn't expected to do much and he was the front-runner for a while. Same for Santorum except he really had a meteoric rise after Iowa (and only dropped out due to family illness). As for Sarah Palin, many establishment types *wished* would've gotten involved in the race. As for Romney, maybe his profile has dropped somewhat. At the very least, I think he's no longer a viable presidential candidate. If he couldn't beat Obama this time then he's clearly just not very good.

But even if all of these people came away with a lower profile, it wouldn't matter. They'd ALL still try to get more power. It's in their nature. They didn't get to the point they're at without that burning within them. And even if for some reason they didn't, then they'd be replaced by some other establishment types that do.

The power structure is there to keep the oligarchy's boot on the neck of the population (the "boot on the neck" phrase stolen from Lew Rockwell). If ever their message changes, it's only because that's what they think the public wants to hear. But ultimately, the message will be co-opted once again toward the establishment. Just like that guest said on Joe Scarborough's show that the public wants a fiscally conservative president who is also socially tolerant. Who did they point to as the "solution"? None other than Jeb Bush, from the 100% crooked Bush family.

Do you see the pattern? TPTB don't have their tails between their legs. They are ALWAYS searching for ways to maintain control.