Comment: Consolidate and Transform

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Consolidate and Transform

Consolidate and Transform the Libertarian and Constitution Parties, rename it the Conservative Party. Then market it to Tea Party and conservative members of the GOP, conservative Democrats and independents as a solution to the RINO run GOP.

conservatives have been alienated in the GOP for a long time. They need a home they can fit in with. Build a conservative but libertarian leaning platform. Give it a name they can be comfortable with - Conservative Party. And invite them in where it is warm and friendly.

We have to remember the Libertarian Party and Constitution Party have negative images to conservatives even if they have 80-90% the same stand on issues.

Some lesser important policy positions will have to compromise a little. Like Legalize marijuana but not cocaine, or not open borders, etc.

Bottom line for a 3rd party to become a major party it must be open to some compromise. Not on major things but on less important items. Otherwise they will not grow.