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I'm not taking

offense. I'm enjoying the conversation :)

A cool thing about the rEVOLution is it's an intelligent one. As a commenter said the smart people support Dr. Paul ;)

You're right about transistors being commonly used. In fact, AFAIK, transistors are used for 1s and 0s at even the smallest (most advanced) levels. For example, in microchips rather than having solid state transistors, the equivalent etching (as far as voltage/currency is concerned) in the silicon is made to represent transistors (and resistors, capacitors, etc. for that matter). Quantum computers I imagine do something similar. So, yes, transistors are certainly used digitally.

But that's not the only way to get 1s and 0s. A person holding up a hand or putting it down can represent a 1 or 0. Similarly, 1s and 0s can be represented as I described with CDs, voltage, or as you point out with switches. For my example, I chose to talk about voltage because I thought it would be understood better.

That does make plasma more interesting for me. Thanks for sharing. A glance on the subject at wikipedia says lightning is a plasma, and also that plasmas are great conductors. If you're right about ordinary flame being plasma then that would make things even more interesting for me.