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and Conquer. Lets use the same strategy. All we have to do is say that the RNC and GOP pushed out the real fiscal conservatives. We need to show examples of real conservatives. Romney was a fake conservative. It is easy to show exactly why he is a fake. We don't even necessarily have to discuss Dr Paul, but we need to say that the GOP/RNC alienated all the real small government, fiscal conservative, civil liberty types, and that is why Romney lost. No need to rub it in with the "you should have voted for Ron Paul" Many did, we were cheated, but with the others that are entrenched we need to show them the light and make them understand what happened here in a polite way so next time they will more closely inspect the record of these so called conservatives like Santorum, etc. We can mention that the reason the economy is doing so badly is because of the 4 trillion in debt created by the wars. Make them understand that WAR is a losing ticket.