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Use of the shift key.

Seriously man, use it. Don't abuse it.

1. Yes. Those are victories. How many did we have before that? How much is the percentage increase? As for the 2010... Tsunami? None of the people you've listed are Liberty folks. Tea Party =/= Liberty. Occasionally they'll have people in common, but it's definitely not the same thing. Not all Republicans are Liberty folks, but neither are all rectangles squares right? Some are, some aren't.

2. Insinuate? You're the one throwing a hissy-fit that we didn't "win" anything, and so I had to point out the wins you obviously missed. I'm sure I even missed a few good people we've gotten in. As for third parties replacing everything? That's not really the answer either. I don't want the Green party in charge either. I'd definitely prefer to have stronger third parties, the LP especially I would love to have more members of, but not just "any" third party will do. However, if you're willing to completely overlook US congressional races, I'm unsure of how you expect to win at your goal of replacing "everything."

3. Yawn. Put more things in all caps please, that makes the statement true and valid, obviously. Turning a herd is always easier than creating a herd from scratch. I'm sorry if you don't understand social dynamics, but there's not much I can really do to change your understanding. Maybe try doing some research?

Eric Hoffer