Comment: Like I've said, thumbs up don't matter to me.

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Like I've said, thumbs up don't matter to me.

I'll do you one better, if you think "the debate is over", NOTHING you do is ever going to matter, because you've already lost.

Unless you win the debate, and encourage people to stand up and make the fight, you're going to find yourself outnumbered and without anybody standing with you when you earn those positions you thought mattered so much.

I guess I'm just sick of guys like you telling Ron Paul supporters not to stand up and be heard, to make the arguments that need to be made. If you want an idea to win, you need to fight for it, and you're telling me the fight is already over. We just lost, and the fight is over.

Enjoy your thumbs up. They mean NOTHING to me.

People SHOULD get involved in the Republican party and fight for position, but what I hear is: Unless you're already in those positions you've lost, and the debate is over. (give up, give up, give up)