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Don't you see?

These days when "that special someone (let's say it's you)" is elected president, you take that long walk down the tunnel to shake and kiss the hands of those that got you there. They offer you a "reward", again, this time with a brand new pair of shoes (your principles). You respectfully decline noting that the ones you have on are just Fine. "They got me here, didn't they?", you ask. Your "friends" correct you while pointing to the pair on your feet, "Remember when we gave you those? You agreed to put them on. You WILL agreed to put these on." Knowing what's best (you are the President after all) you agree, again, with a smile. Now your "friends" show you to White House driveway your pimp-mobile. A Brand new, fully Loaded "Ground Force One". You are aghast, thinking to yourself, "I could fit the whole country in this". And true to form you write an Executive Order "Proclaiming" it so. They suggest you take it for a spin and you concur. Writing another Executive Order telling "everyone to get on board!" When everyone has fastened their seat belts you hit the gas...only to realize, "There's glue on my shoe."

~Good Night, And Good Luck~