Comment: I don't think so.

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I don't think so.

First of all, Americans have short memories, VERY short memories. Secondly, Americans liked Bush as a person even if they didn't like his policies, kind of like about 60% of Americans have a personal liking of Obama even though about half don't agree with most of his policies. Thirdly, many would see the younger Bush as a new and improved version of the older Dubya. A lot of middle-age and older white men especially who abstained or held their nose and voted for Obama could be corralled by Jeb. Fourthly, there's the new voters' factor. Polls showed this election that 18-21 year olds (people not old enough to vote in 2008) were more Conservative than 22-25 year olds (Obama's '08 wave). Think about it, there will be millions of voters in 2016 who were not old enough to remember much about the Bush years and if they are were too young to care.

Bush the Younger could be a HUGE threat to Rand should Rand decide to run.