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Another lie.

"You are attempting to draw attention away from the importance of being involved in the party RIGHT NOW vs. focusing only on the delegate strategy later."

When did I say ANYTHING about "the delegate strategy later" or discourage anyone from being involved or getting involved?

Wouldn't you say that telling people; "If you are not in that position right now, you have already lost 2016" could be described as DISCOURAGING them?

I said NOTHING you do will matter unless you win the debate, and you said: "So the debate is now over."


Remember, I was drawn into your BS because you had a childish freak out when you saw somebody thumbed you down.

You're a little manchild. You're a duplicitous liar, and I'm getting tired of your BS. All I've done is pointed out the tenor and defeatist attitude you hit people with, while you called me a delusional Lala Land lever puller.

Remember, I didn't say ANYTHING to you until you started running your arrogant mouth, and since you've opened it, you've done nothing but reinforce my initial impression.

"I don't know how it's a "lie" to state that the facts stand on their own."

Is it not a lie to say the debate is over? Is it not duplicitous to call me a liar while you talk out the side of your mouth pretending you didn't just make every effort possible to keep people from getting involved or standing up and winning the debate?