Comment: His mistimed and Hannity

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His mistimed and Hannity

His mistimed and Hannity infused endorsement is reflected in the amount of people in attendance.

When endorsing Romney, and therefore the actions of those who behaved unlawfully and dishonorably to advance his anointment, he aided in the nomination of a candidate that we all knew was not only vulnerable to attack due to his past, but detrimental to our cause.

Not only was Romney unfit to advance the liberty movement, he was in fact a driver and promoter of the very legislation that works to crush the very idea of liberty, freedom, self governance and the rule of law.

Does anyone who offers an example where Habeas Corpus is unwarranted deserve our support?

Romney admits he would have signed the National Defense Authorization Act if he were president (and more):

Romney on Waterboarding Guantanamo And Torture:

Do we compromise and endorse?

Ron Paul on compromise: