Comment: GOP lost this election because the brand name is shot

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GOP lost this election because the brand name is shot

The republican brand is tired, tarnished and dead. They lost this election, before it even began. They picked Romney day one, and rode that horse to last place. In our 2 party system there is only first and last.

Coming in the Republicans carried the baggage of Nixon (off-gold standard, Watergate and the San Clemente property scandal) Dems remember that along with Bush's crooked vote count in Florida. Then there's Bush's "weapons of mass destruction" fiasco. Then the character assignation of Obama, instead of a real valid intellectual discussion of why Obama is wrong for America. How can you lose to a socialist in the good ol' USA?

Then they roll out social issues and look like cavemen or dinosaurs when talking about marriage, abortion and other social issues...they walk right into media traps everytime.

Then they disgard free markets and small Gov. (the parties core fundamental's) out the window, with the Medicare Drug Program, and Paul Ryan's sudden support of Medicare. They argue for more defense spending when the country is flat out broke, and tired of war...Romney in debate 1.

If that is not enough, they throw Ron Paul campaign (one of their very own guys) under the bus, and his delegates afterward...imagine Dems laughing at that - "those guys threw Ron Paul out".

You would have to be deaf, dumb and blind to support that kind of a political party. And now John Boehner, saying he supports tax increases ?!! There's a two mouthed monster for you.

Look Karl Rove and all the chain smoking, golf club, corrupt lying old guys in the RNC need to be cleaned out - if the name Republican is to even survive the next ten years. These guys are dinosaurs, and it hurts Ron Paul's popularity and platform to be associated in that group

And Hannity, Limbaugh, Trump, Coulter the Drudge Report, Fox News and other RNC cheerleaders did no favors to the brand name either. Some Americans are smart, intelligent folks that see right through this, carry substantial influence and want NOTHING to do with this group.

Who in America wants to be associated with this group...really who ? Can you imagine a Democrat thinking about changing to Republican and hearing Limbaugh one day ? It scares them in 10 secs flat.

I campaigned hard for Ron Paul, and made great progress to help bring people to love 'Ron Paul politics', but many of those people want nothing to do with the creature the RNC has become.

That beast - the RNC - needs to be rebuilt from scratch.

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"