Comment: Staten Island/Brooklyn animal lovers needed!

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Staten Island/Brooklyn animal lovers needed!

Thanks so much for your work there, Dex! If you don't have enough volunteers signed up by tonight, here are two ideas: 1) maybe you could call Wagner College. I guess you could ask for their student affairs office to see if some student volunteers could come by for just an hour or so. Or maybe tonight you could e-mail Dr. Nick Richardson, ~ he's the co-chair of the "Pre-professional health advisory committee," the group that advises pre-veterinarian undergrads. Maybe he'd be willing to e-mail those in that program. Or maybe he'd just know someone in the area. 2)Maybe you could call some nearby veterinarians and ask if they know of someone who could lend a hand. 3) I'd call the closest churches to the shelter, too ~ leaving a message that people are needed for tomorrow. Well, good luck. One of the reasons I'm at home although there is no heat or electricity yet where I am is because we have a cat. That's great that the shelter there allows pets. Thanks again!

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