Comment: We have the right to the opportunity to own property.

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We have the right to the opportunity to own property.

We don't get given some to ensure its coming about, unless you voted Obama you'll agree...

I also believe the opportunity to our life is a right, for all potential individuals. Life can never be ensured at any stage in development, pre or postnatal. It is literally in-consequential when life begins in terms of results. As the timing of a life being taken or being prevented from existing bears zero difference on the outcome. A future human being that was granted a path to existence by nature has been wiped from existence by human interference.

I understand where libertarians on the other side come from, I also am not at comfortable with the state telling an individual what to do with their bodies. Our disagreement is a life or liberty question. Life to me is the source of our liberty, we agree in all other areas liberty stops when it harms others thus I hold my position. I empathise less with the non-libertarian so called pro-choicers who are in fact opposed to choice, those who would force me to pay for "choice". Such people are only pro-abortion, not pro-choice. I think only society or the market can solve this moral issue, not the state.

As to weather the position you hold is un-biased OP or more or less libertarian. it's no less an imposition your personal subjective beliefs and definitions as any other position, when you think about it...