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California is overrun

with Hispanics using the system.

Most of LA's hospitals are closing or closed.

You can still be hard working and still vote for big Goverment, no one is saying anyone is not a
hard worker, family orientated, Pro Life, you can be all of those, but in order to Live in California as a regular high income citizen it takes money. So if you are getting free food stamps, education, medical any all other California socialist type programs you are bankrupting the state and country. Thats how it's possible to send that money back to Mexico.

We cannot afford more illegals and that's what happens when you give amnesty.

In Texas the Dream act is causing Mexican nationals to drop their children over the border at the rate of a 1000 a day.

It's just nuts, it's not about their damn race, it's their damn poorness, that we can't afford.