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Comment: What is it?

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What is it?

Is it the number of people in the country?

What would you do if we could somehow close the borders perfectly, but our population naturally swelled to the number of people in our borders today? No illegals, all Americans ... what would you do??

Relax and be relieved by the fact that the number of people in our borders (illegal, or otherwise) is not a problem. What is a problem is that the govt is too big and takes too much from the people to support the bloated govt.

If govt was smaller, and people kept more of their money. Add to that a sound currency, then the # of people within the border is not an issue.

Money from the people moves to goods and services that provide value. Jobs in those sectors of the economy increase in response, and a balance is maintained in a free economy.

The # of people is not the issue.

The monkey-wrench in the system is a bloated govt that takes too many resources from the people, thus causing strain on the economy.

Tightening of the economy causes people to question why we cant have less people for the available jobs. Thus immigrants erroneously get focused when the real problem is the behemoth of a govt.

The smaller govt message should resonate with Latino voters if we all agree what is the true problem. Big Govt