Comment: Here's a problem.

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Here's a problem.

Lastly, my friend's alternative theory of property is that people have a right to self ownership, but no one has a right to more than they "need". Every individual who has "more" also has an obligation to give his/her property to someone who has "less", since the person who has more has excess goods but the person who has less has unfulfilled "needs".

Who decides how much an individual or family needs? A gallon of water a day, and a loaf of bread per family. 2 pairs of clothes? A tent? What if there are still people with no tent and 1 set of clothes. How will no individual EVER have anything MORE than another? Will the president and government employees be held to these standards of equal everything? Is the White House going to be open to the public? How will people be payed? Will we not be payed at all but just work for a ration of equal necessities? I mean, this wreaks of Equilibrium, the movie! Why live at all?