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I Am Aware That

...the exit polls showed that blacks and hispanics voted overwhelmingly for O'Bama so you are absolutely correct.

However I think we have a greater chance to make inroads with the small business leadership of hispanics (mostly lower middle class) and they have influence with others.

They can be awakened to the same realities that all small business owners are aware of. The liberty message can resonate with them. Ron Paul made some inroads on college campuses to Hispanics concerned about student loans. We have to look at the factions of all factions given the demographics now and projected for the US. That is a reality.

I am not disagreeing with you only trying to see possible inroads and many of the growing number of Hispanic small business owners are leaders in their Hispanic communities and many were blue collar workers. They seek cultural exchanges, understanding and opportunities for more to achieve what they have achieved. They try to open job opportunities and educational opportunities for young Hispanics. They talk to the schools. And, most importantly the demographic is here and we have to work with it.