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It is not inevitable

that a non Demopublican vote be merely a
protest vote.

WRT the presidential election, there is nothing
to stop individual states from awarding elector
positions on a proportional basis, for example.
That would change the dynamic a lot.

As far as that goes, there is no legal obstacle
I'm aware of to states adopting some kind of
proportional representation, which would give
minor parties a direct role in governing.

Not easy to achieve, but in states where there
the initiative system exists and where there
are large numbers of independent voters
it should be possible to get measure on the
ballot for 2014 - if they pass, then the would be
in place for 2016.

I still think the liberty vote for Johnson/Stein/
Goode/Obama/Ron Paul write-ins and non-vote
of people who otherwise would have voted
Republican but declined to vote for Romney
probably accounted for Obama's EC margin.

Would have been nice if Obama had been held to
under 50% of the popular vote, but ...