Comment: Four Years to Build

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Four Years to Build

...and become someone younger voters relate to who they feel understands their generation and who they believe will represent their interests.

Both parties know they had better make inroads with younger voters. Just imagine the difference that could make. I agree, Nonna...the name recognition is a factor. However, my daughter lived in Michigan and said everyone she knew was excited about Justin. Saying they'd never had anyone like that. I am really seeing him as VP to Judge Nap, though.

Gaining recognition is tough...but he has the personality, looks, genuineness to be a black swan. Hope so...because he is Ron Paul mentored!!!

(Marco could be a problem. He has some of the same ingredients...just not the platform, integrity or the genuineness. But you know...given some of the problems we face and the looming financial crises, even a Marco just might see the light.)

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