Comment: Ask Him These Questions:

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Ask Him These Questions:

Should he have the right to refuse to sell his land to this family?

If they offered him money for his land, would he sell it?

Would he rent from them?

Would he marry into this family?

Once this super-landlord has all the land and no competion, what will happen? Currently, it is illegal in many places to rent unsafe or substandard properties. Will he be able to get insurance? With near 100% renters, what laws will likely pass that affect him? In a free market, he would have competition.

How is communism different than living in a hamster cage with an exercise wheel and all the hamster-food you can eat? Isn't it better to be free to earn as much as you want? Keep what you earn? Provide for your children and grandchildren? Give to the charities of your choice? Be ruled by your own common sense, rather than by politicians and bureaucrats?

If he really believes that he has a right to the property of others, and his goal is to be fed and housed at the expense of others, why doesn't he mug rich people on the street?

What do you think?