Comment: Media misrepresentation on racism.

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Media misrepresentation on racism.

The real problem is how the media portrays the Republican party. Republicans are portrayed as racist, hateful, etc. Many people shape their point of view through television. CNN has pushed the "racist" stereotype even on Dr. Paul. This becomes very visceral. People become suspicious, distant, angry, and it becomes a vicious circle.

If media was fair I think Hispanics would be 65% Republican 35% Democrat. Hispanics are generally for family values, against abortion, and Really FED-UP with the corrupt/big governments/ of Latin America. There is a great admiration for the efficiency in the States and generally efficiency is not a Democratic trait.

However, we humans are very visceral and the racist propaganda pushed by the media towards Republicans had taken its toll. This propaganda is very obnoxious and liberal media abroad - Latin America, Europe - is also part of the problem. Everyone in the international media is for Obama.