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Comment: It's mostly an academic exercise at best around here.

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It's mostly an academic exercise at best around here.

We don't shy from any topic hardly.

This one has lots of lessons in it, so while we may not be serious about it, we can use it for illustrative purposes.

For example, if secession were to "work" or be feasible from the perspective of the State that wants to leave - first, they'd need to have their fiscal house in order. They'd also need a sound monetary system. And if they wanted to remain independent, they'd have to revitalize their militia.

Now, these are all good things for other reasons, even if a State remains in the USA, but certainly, if a State were to accomplish these things, they'd be more able to handle the future on their own.

No State is even close to that today that I am aware of. There have been rumblings in a few areas, but no concrete effort.

I'd be willing to assert categorically, that every State participates in federal welfare programs, and has their own socialist infrastructure with government indoctrination centers and medical clinics. States regulate WAY too much of every day life.

If we want to fix Congress, we first need to fix our States, and then, there will be no need to secede.