Comment: I think at this point, it's

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I think at this point, it's

I think at this point, it's largely cultural branding that is the reason why almost all minority groups vote Democrat. Republicans are branded as the party of old white Christian men, and the Democrats are the party of the young, minorities, and women. Almost every single racial, ethnic, and religious minority, from blacks to Hispanics, Asians to Native Americans, Jews to Muslims to atheists, vote predominately Democrat. There are very large cultural, economic, and educational differences among those groups. And then we're seeing young people and women trend Democrat. As a college student, I feel like most people my age who vote Democrat don't really have much knowledge of the issues, or could intelligently articulate why Democrats are better than Republicans (to be fair, this is also true for a lot of Republicans, but there aren't as many Republicans as Democrats in my age group, especially in California). They just know that Obama (and Democrats in general) is cool and hip and Republicans are old and lame, and that they're supposed to be Democrats since they're young. And you could make a similar analysis regarding blocks (Christians, whites, old people, etc) that vote Republican. I don't think most people in this country have a deep political philosophy that they've really thought about