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There are factions of the liberty movement that seem to have irreconcilable differences (e.g. Libertarian and Constitution Parties). We could however agree 100% on national candidates: Compare the Constitution and Libertarian Parties' platforms and you will see that in theory they disagree on abortion, gay rights, gambling, etc., but if they would pick candidates who stick to their respective platforms (and abide by the Constitution), they would govern exactly the same in all matters federal (this goes for the myriad of other liberty third parties out their). Just look at Ron Paul as an example. Most Libertarians would be willing to vote for him even though he is pro-life, because he understands what the job of president does and does not entail. There is no significant difference between the Constitution, Libertarian, American Independent, etc., Parties in how they would govern nationally because they all accept (or at least pay heavy lip service to) constitutional government.

Combining multiple parties would multiply votes instantly. If we could have a Party that is solely national, the gay rights issue, for example, wouldn't be an issue. I probably would have voted for Gary Johnson if he didn't espouse a belief in inserting the federal government into the marriage equality issue. At this point, I would probably even be willing to vote for a candidate who believes in foreign entanglements, as long as all wars are declared by congress, and no "Appropriation of Money to [armies] shall be for a longer Term than two Years"

Could we have a fusion party where we all pick the same Presidential candidate? Or perhaps a national party legally comprised of multiple parties from the same states (i.e. Constitution and Libertarian Parties are separate in Florida but one party nationally)?

There is strength in numbers and we really wouldn't govern differently at a national level.

Andrew Napolitano for President 2016!

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