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Latins 4

That approach may or may not work, but I think we should also go the high ground and compile those actions that make him ineligible as a Ron Paul like Liberty Candidate.

You dislike him with a passion and he is your Senator. Please take the time to elaborate. We need to show just why he would not represent our best interest and is prone to compromise and sell out and/or the ideaology is not there. You may be able to help compile a great list and then keep us posted. We need to watch him like a hawk.

He has the looks, personality...veneer to be groomed very well to look like something he is not. He may be the Republicans best next card for VP or even President.

And on another thread talking about voting blocks here there are some disparaging things being said about Hispanics mainly because of the illegal drain thru welfare and border babies and hospitals. I hope you will help change perceptions. I worked with Small Business owner Hispanic associations in California. They, of course, have the same goals and aspirations for our country as anybody. Plus they are influential in communities, leaders who go out and talk to schools, work on cultural exchanges, etc. Latins4RonPaul, here as well, IS or can be a liberty voting block.
PS. Nobody knows where O'Bama was born and he is President. Rules aren't followed anymore which is part of the problem.