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First off, what is a Cenus?

First off, what is a Cenus? Second off, from your own link: "Hispanic origin is considered separately from race in the Census—and Hispanics may identify with any race"

Hispanic just means your ancestry comes from a Spanish-speaking country at some point. That doesn't say anything about your racial ancestry. Mexicans are mostly mestizos; mixed Amerindian and Spanish, with some predominately native, others predominately Spanish. Cuban-Americans are mostly white, with a little black and indigenous admixture (Blacks form a larger portion of the population still in Cuba). Argentines and Uruguyans are also mostly white (though there aren't that many in the US). Dominicans are mostly mixed black and white, with a little indigenous. Puerto Ricans are majority Spanish, with significant black and indigenous admixture. All of these groups, however, are considered Hispanic