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Yes, of course you are right, BUT ...

... our commie friends don't play in the world of reality, much less the world of intellectual honesty.

You said: "They face spiking land purchase prices, which is slowing their acquisition of new land..."

True enough. But our commie friend will have a very easy reply. He will simply snap his fingers and say, "Abracadabra! The evil rich guy has all the money he needs! NOW you don't have an answer, do ya! HA! Gotcha!"

So, you then say, well the early property sellers will get today's prices plus a little more because "Evil Rich Guy" is for some reason paying a premium of all things (according to the commie's dillusional hypothetical). But, but, but ... over time, as prices go up, later sellers will see what's happening and they will hold out. They won't sell.

This means prices go up astronomically because there is less and less land available that Evil Rich Guy doesn't already own, meaning less supply with steady demand. This shifts the supply/demand curve so that prices go up. Evil Rich Guy has to pay more ... but what is forgotten is that Mr. Nice Guy Seller also gets more money for his land.

This makes Mr. Nice Guy Seller a gazillionaire! Man, oh man, would I love to be a gazillionaire! Anyway ... pretty soon, all these Mr. Nice Guy Sellers have all this money from Evil Rich Guy and not all the land is bought up, yet, so they buy some, too, not to mention all the stocks and gold and companies and other resources they buy with their money. They might even team up and drive prices ever higher for Evil Rich Guy. Plus, they might let all those displaced renters who are getting kicked out (and not paying Evil Rich Guy any rent anymore) stay on THEIR land instead -- which gives THEM the rent money that Evil Rich Guy is no longer getting, which gives THEM more wealth to use against Evil Rich Guy.

Of course, this could never, ever work because this would be the free market in action, working against the evildoers and commies just don't comprehend such things and, therefore, such things never, ever happen (Why, you ask? Because Karl Marx said so, so there!).

But eventually, Evil Rich Guy gets his way (so says our commie friend) and ends up paying super-duper-gazillions and owns all the land. But how does he do this in the face of free market forces slowing him down, not to mention he doesn't REALLY have magic money in the first place?

And this is where are commie friend will rub is 3 brain cells together and come up with a brilliant solution, which goes like this: "Abracadabra! Evil Rich Guy has magic money AND he buys up all the property on Earth in one millisecond, so that nobody can stop him! BWAHAHAHAHA! So, NOW you don't have an ANSWER ... do you????"

And this is exactly why the arbitrary need not be considered.

Thank you, and good night.