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Comment: I still see no need for government action

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I still see no need for government action

I trust the people at my farmer's market and can get non-gmo carrots from them.
Also, I can get non-gmo seeds and grow my own non-gmo carrots.

I agree that the point of labeling can be to inform. That doesn't necessitate that the government force companies to label in any particular way.

Ideally, the consumer wants the most information before they buy a product, but in a free market there is no requirement that you purchase any particular product. If you don't like carrot X, you don't have to buy it - you can buy a different carrot, a carrot from a different store, or even a different vegetable altogether. If you think that the products in a particular store aren't what you want, go to a one that caters to your demand, be it organic, non-gmo, whatever.

One of the main problems with labeling for GMO though, is that it will potentially cause a scare and a boycott. The majority of people don't have an unfavorable view of GMO, because they aren't educated or indoctrinated into any particular vein of thought. However, if there were labels that tried to scare people into not consuming GMO products, it would be as other labeled products, creating a stigma among those who buy them. Even if their price is lower, GMO products would likely be perceived as unsafe. I'm sure you'd like for that to happen because you're an activist on this issue, but the evidence is against you - GMO is widely considered safe. Causing a scare and making a cheaper product seem unsafe when it isn't, is unethical and anti-market.