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Point taken.

You are right, there are "CINOS" -- communists in name only. It just seems fashionable to them, probably because some teacher/professor or a friend spouts it out and they don't have any background information with which to refute.

Your method is a great one. Give them a chance to hang themselves and, if they do, they deserve no respect. But if they show signs of life, then they deserve a rational discussion that can help them to understand the world better.

So, hats off to you!

On a side note regarding so-called "overpopulation." I did a calculation once, and you might want to do it, too. I took the world's estimated population and assumed there was an average of 4 people per household and that each house was on a standard, quarter-acre lot.

The question was: How much land would it take to house the entire world's population?

The answer is: it would take a land area that is a little bigger than twice the size of Texas. The rest of planet Earth would be empty of humans.

There ain't no population problem.