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Thank You For Your Response, Najam

I wasn't sure if you would and became worried that I might have offended you. So glad I did not. When you and I last corresponded you had slipped on the ice and injured your wrist. I remember!

I will continue to read your posts with interest. Translations and transliteration differences are interesting from the standpoint of (a) made in honest error (b) chosen with notes that other scholars have chosen differently or and I fear this has happened (c) subtle change for reasons having to do with agenda. I will just assume that most are honest error and regret that everything has not been perfectly preserved as it was first written.

You answered my question with "What is scripture cannot become personal, it is for all readers/believers to follow." By this you mean that scripture (in its unaltered, unadulterated original form, all words authentic) is not open to any alteration based upon personal interpretation because it is sacred and intended to be followed explicitly by all followers. It is to be understood in the spirit not interpreted in the mind. And, if so do all followers of Islam believe this way? Do you feel the Old and New Testaments of the Christian faith have lost some of their intended meaning through juman translations and transliterations and that it would be beneficial to return to original meanings? And do you feel some of those Names/Words carry with them an original sound that is very impactful and pleasing to God? These questions are only to have the foundation upon which to understand all of your "Name" posts because I have been puzzled for some time.

I am grateful that someone whose faith is Islam chooses to share and fellowship here. Thank you, Najam!