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And I Understand

I was raised Baptist which brought up a lot of questions capped off by getting "baptized" at 12 and announcing to the minister in anger that nothing happened. Nothing did except I got dunked. I had expected more.

I went searching for quite a few years and found gurus, unusual books, paths of all kinds most leading pretty much nowhere. Then I studied comparative religions and went on several side trips.

During a personal crisis concerning a dying parent I loved very much, I had a transformative experience that resulted in something happening that was very profound to me on a personal level and I found myself back in my original faith (not exactly Baptist) but much richer and deeper. Not only because of the "road to Damascus" type experience but the knowledge that came from it and all the truths I had picked up along the way as I had searched and researched.

I would daresay that I probably have read much of what you read that led to your conclusions. I just arrived at a very different one, my faith strengthened by what once were doubts. Doubts, even long held ones, can become great blessings. That turned out to be my case. So your absolute statement that "believers are the ones who just believe without researching" is not true in my case.

If you are happy where you are than perhaps you are exactly where you need to be. But don't be surprised if the journey begins anew sometime. Stuff happens! Peace and thanks for responding. I sincerely mean that.