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Comment: DTCC $13 trillion of paper certificate soaked! Sandy soaked NY?

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DTCC $13 trillion of paper certificate soaked! Sandy soaked NY?

[Sandy leaves the NY Fed after a long day shredding documents. Again, she is surrounding by newspaper reporters.]

Reporters: Sandy! Sandy! [Indecipherable] Did you soak DTCC?

Sandy: No! You cannot blame me! I had no idea! No, I tell you.
[Walk briskly down Liberty Street]

Reporters: Sandy! [Indecipherable]

Sandy: I don't work for the Depository Trust Credit Clearing Corporation. ... I know little about DTCC... Look it up on the Internet. http:/

Reporters: Sandy! [Indecipherable]

Sandy: No. I was brought up from the Southern Region to shred paperwork. I am a shredder. Not a soaker.

Your second link reports the $13 trillion paper certificates got soaking wet: I don't want to know any more. I've got to get home!

I tell you, it was not my fault!

Reporters: Sandy! Sandy! [Indecipherable] DTCC? ... $13 trillion?

Sandy: How was I to know what was in the basement of DTCC? Most don't even know of DTCC.... Yes, even with an annual cash flow of $2 quadrillion, most people have never heard of it.

Unbelievable to you? ... Well I declare! It is unbelievable to me... I am shredding NY Fed documents all day... Oh, please leave me alone! I need my job. I have a husband and kids to feed. Please, don't... Oh look over there! Over there! [Point dramatically behind the reporters. Sandy, jump on NY City bus. Leave reporters behind.]

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