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Comment: ridiculous

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he's assuming property owners are idiots. a land owner would sell land for a high price, just to buy different land at a high price? where's the incentive to sell? if there's nothing cheap to put the money into-- no profit because all land is now priced very high-- why would they leave their highly valued property? (i'm leaving the taxes out, for now, but it's a whole other reason not to sell if there's nothing cheap to buy.)

it's a moot argument. this would never happen in a free society. it could really only happen through eminent domain. there are people who won't move even when a volcano explodes on their mountain! and he thinks everybody's gonna take the money? why? does he think money is the only motivating factor for people? he doesn't understand humanity and all the unknown, various factors that go into their daily decisions.

and he needs to realize that he never will.