Comment: cheating, yes

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cheating, yes

There is always cheating. Heck on Oregon worker was caught filling in the blank ovals on people's ballots and voting for Republicans! No one person could fill in enough ballots here for that to make a difference though. ;-)

I believe the media tried to make the race look close when it really wasn't. All the statistical analysis I saw made it look like Obama had it hands down (electoral college, not popular) but the media was making it out to be close. The reason could simply be for them to make more money! More ads! or perhaps they wanted the public to not be surprised if Romney did in fact cheat well enough to win. It is also a useful tool to get out the vote and suppress 3rd party votes. Without the fake close race the voter turnout would have been horrible in this race.

I believe both sides are hacking voting machine because it is so easy to do. So, it is really a matter of who does a better job of it. The hottest spots for cheating will be swing states. So, the day-before reprogramming of many Ohio voting machines is really suspect. As Michael mentioned below Ben Scwann reported on those machine a day or two earlier. So, perhaps they were afraid they would get caught.